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Solventless Processing by Matty Melts


Solventless processing is a meticulous process where fresh frozen cannabis meets pure reverse osmosis water and ice. Through careful hand-churning, we separate the glandular heads from the

plant, ensuring only the finest components are utilized in our products.


Once the glandular heads are meticulously sorted, they undergo a delicate freeze-drying process to preserve their potency and flavor. Afterward, the concentrated resin is gently pressed between heated plates, transforming it into the exquisite hash that connoisseurs love.

Central to our dedication is the skilled artisan, Matty Melts (Matt Olson). A Maine native, Matty honed his skills under the mentorship of the legendary Hot N' Heady Teddy. Together, they've earned numerous awards and acclaim for their commitment to the traditional hand washing technique, ensuring an authentic

and pure cannabis experience.

If you're passionate about exploring the world of solventless cannabis processing or have questions about our techniques, feel free to connect with Matty Melts, our Director of Solventless Operations here at Cure Cannabis. His expertise and enthusiasm are unmatched, and he's always eager to share the intricacies of

this art.


At Cure Cannabis, the focus is on purity and quality, always. Come experience the difference with us! If

you have further questions or would like to schedule a processing job please contact Matt today!

Matt Olson
Cure Cannabis Co.
(207) 241-7328
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